Nudie Slim Jim Dry Japan - grail jeans

Nudie Slim Jim Dry Japan - worn 2-3 years (above) and 8 months (below). Different pairs.


LBG - little black gadget

(counter-clockwise, from top left: Nitecore EA4 LED flashlight, Vanguard DM-6250 monocular, FiiO E10 headphone amplifier, Sony NEX-3N, EagTac D25A LED flashlight, iPhone 4, CMOY headphone amplifier, Turtle Beach Ear Force 7.1 channel processor) 

Girls got the LBD, dudes got the LBG.

Sorry for the crap picture. Would like to have used the NEX but since that was in the picture...


Jungbusch: the Brooklyn of Mannheim

(Jacket: H&M, scarf: DYI knitted, sneakers: Boras, jeans: Fishbone, bag: Marc Picard)

Building being demolished.

(photo by J)


stylehund DON'T: half-tuck shirt to reveal logo belt

"Oh shit I just spent $600 on a status indicator that no one will see." The result? Self-conscious half-tucks. 

This is awful style. It's obvious, unsubtle, try-hard, and cares what other people think. #stylehunddon't

Chris Brown, Christiano Ronaldo, January Jones